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Tips to keep in mind before kitchen renovation

With the spectrum of activities that keep the kitchen constantly at work, it is bound to start feeling dated and looking shabby after a couple of years. A functioning kitchen (that meets all our requirements) is a crucial aspect of any household. The design should not only be good to look at but should also support the need of space, storage and function. Owing to this, any renovation idea for this space requires detailed planning, and a fair amount of capital investment. Here are 8 tips to keep in mind before you start renovating your kitchen space to make the process well-ordered and smooth:



Kitchen remodelling is about more than just aesthetics. Thorough, in-depth research is the starting point for any remodel project. It sets the timeline, the tone for your design scheme and aesthetic inspiration, streamlines the renovation process and plays an enormous role in shaping your budget – thereby keeping the project realistic. Consulting either a contractor or designer or both about the details of your vision is recommended as they will be able to fine tune the minor details of the project and advise you on feasibility at this very nascent stage; thereby ensuring a smooth transition into the actual remodel work. Pro tip: keep in mind that design should work well with functionality and durability so you should take into account how your design inspiration will fit with your home and lifestyle!


The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to renovate in the house owing to the plethora of things that need to be done simultaneously. Therefore, setting a timeline and planning a realistic budget are the first stepping stones to kickstart the renovation project. While deciding the budget, consult your designer, keep in mind all the essentials you will need for the renovation and leave some room for last-minute expenses and/or mishaps. Once the budget and timeline are vetted and finalised, you can proceed to design your dream kitchen!


Hasty or poor planning of the kitchen’s layout and design can cause frustration in the future. Make sure you thoroughly evaluate every minute detail before you give a thumbs up to the floor plan. Keep in mind design is both function and beauty and the small details make a big difference. The latest design fads and trends will come and go. However, it is imperative for you to think through the practical aspects meticulously – how would it work if a couple of appliances are in use at the same time; if the fridge door is open, will it collide against a cabinet door or drawer; is there enough room for people to walk by if the drawers are opened, etc. Understand the key elements of a kitchen’s design and incorporate them in your renovation undertakings. A thumb rule would be to design your space around your appliances such as oven, fridge, hob, microwave and dishwasher. The dimensions of your appliances will play a large part in the overall look of your kitchen, especially if you are going for built-in appliances. Most modern households desire their kitchens to be connected to the dining room and include a central kitchen island. So, if you want to open your kitchen into the rest of your dining room, consider materials that are aligned with the rest of the space. Remember, it’s all in the details so wisely choose the layout and design for your kitchen.


Flooring and countertops influence the look of your kitchen. However, exposure to the daily chores of cooking and dishwashing are bound to get them messy and dirty; making it essential to choose materials for these wisely. Small design aspects that often get overlooked in choosing the materials could be as simple as paying attention to colour choices – light colours get visibly dirty more easily and arguably require more maintenance. Although it may seem like a mammoth task, redoing the flooring can prove to be a major relief in the long run if you choose the correct material(s). A manifold range of porcelain, terracotta, stone, ceramic and wooden tiles are readily available in different colours and shades in the market. If you’re feeling more creative and experimental, opt for more avant-garde alternatives like patterned, mosaic, or decorative vinyl tiles. Replacing countertops is a comparatively easier task. Keep in mind that durability, functionality and aesthetics come together to give you the perfect countertop. Choose materials that make your kitchen look more sophisticated, add character and charm like granite, wood or marble surfaces. Remember, ultimately it should tie the whole design together.


The first step to clever storage is to consider how you can best utilise the space at your disposal. As a general rule of thumb, the more storage space you have in your kitchen, the better. Even if you don’t have adequate storage space, there are creative ways to effectively make the most out of the space you have. Communicate with your designer and incorporate your storage requirements in the designing stage itself. Built-in appliances, a combination washer-dryer, drawer organisers and corner pull-outs are smart ways to keep your kitchen organised and make everyday life easier. Extra storage in dead places like unused wall spaces or the vertical space at the sides of the island can be smartly utilised to provide additional storage areas around the kitchen. If well-planned, the storage spaces can fit seamlessly with your design and keep your kitchen clutter-free and orderly.


A kitchen renovation is practically incomplete without a makeover to your cabinets. While selecting or custom designing your cabinets, prioritise storage capacity for your appliances, utensils and ingredients. Well-organised cabinets improve the overall functionality of the kitchen. You can choose from an array of wood cabinets -such as oak, cherry or maple – that are durable and can be customised to create the cabinets, shelves, glides and drawers of your liking. However, if you’re looking for more open spaces in your kitchen, remove the shutters of a few overhead cabinets and work with glass or create open shelves.


Oftentimes, upgrading kitchen appliances come as an afterthought to most people. However, updating appliances is an integral aspect of the design, planning and budgeting stages itself. With time and regular use, the efficiency of the kitchen appliances reduces considerably. Built-in appliances are the latest modern favourites to add efficiency, space management and newness to your kitchen. They are not only sleek, have a modern appearance and seamlessly fit into your kitchen design but are also easy to use, have the latest technological features and are energy efficient. If your kitchen is your entertainment space, you’ll want to consider incorporating steam ovens, coffee makers and wine fridges in your kitchen space.


A kitchen renovation project is no child’s play- it requires months of planning, investment and logistics. And you want to do it right in the first go! For the best results, smooth workflow and a hassle-free experience, enlist a professional’s help for your undertaking. Professional designers can guide you from the outset, helping you with an efficient plan to accommodate your needs and preferences. They will help you see the bigger picture, adjust the kitchen’s layout to fit your lifestyle while designing a kitchen that seamlessly fits with your home’s aesthetic.

Finally, allow your kitchen to radiate your character by decorating the space with things you love. Small elements like quirky cabinets knobs, a jar with some nibbles on the countertops, indoor plants can up the game to another level. More personal items like a framed hanging of your favourite piece of art, a simple to-do list stuck to the fridge or a collage of family photos always lends a warm and intimate touch to your kitchen space.

Remember, a kitchen upgrade is a major task given the complexity of operations and the investment that goes behind it. We, at Home, Team, offer some of the best professional kitchen renovation services in Dubai and promise to deliver a fully functional and flawless kitchen as an end product that will add tremendous value to your property.

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