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Tips to Keep in Mind before Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom remodel project can be an exciting undertaking that allows you to show off your creativity along with increasing your home’s value. Over and above giving your washroom a completely new look, a newly vamped washroom adds just the right touch of aesthetic that complements your home’s decor and meets your needs perfectly. However, a couple of considerations need to be taken into account before diving straight into a bathroom remodel project to avoid any bumps on the way. After all, the bathroom renovation project is not just a style upgrade but also an investment in the property for the long run. Here are some important tips to keep in mind before undertaking a complete bathroom renovation:


Thorough, in-depth research is the starting point for any remodel project. It sets the timeline, the tone for your design scheme and aesthetic inspiration and plays an enormous role in shaping your budget – thereby keeping your project realistic. Consulting either a contractor or designer or both about the details of your vision is recommended  as they will be able to fine tune the minor details of the project and advise you on feasibility at this very nascent stage; thereby ensuring a smooth transition into the actual remodel work. Pro tip: keep in mind that design should work well with functionality so you should take into account how your design inspiration will fit with your home and lifestyle!


Bathroom remodels can be expensive and time consuming endeavours – they are an investment. Spend ample time in creating a budget in advance to have an overarching reference point for decisions and purchases during the renovation. While preparing your budget, allocate enough funds to factors like material and fitting costs, labour costs, contractors, refurbishing and also leave room for any contingencies or mishaps.


Although a very critical element in any bathroom renovation undertaking, ventilation often gets overlooked in the process of designing. Washrooms are generally predisposed to dampness and mould owing to frequent temperature fluctuations and the nature of its use. This issue worsens in humid conditions. Thus, incorporate adequate ventilation choices in your designing stage to maintain both the aesthetic and hygiene of your washroom. There are three main types of ventilation options available – wide windows, window vents and exhaust fans.


The layout of a bathroom varies depending on the shape, size and location of the specific washroom in question. Always go for a design based on the layout of your washroom to avoid cramped fixtures and overlapping. Consult your contractor and designer to come up with a blueprint that incorporates a blend of your design inspiration and its feasibility to achieve a custom-made washroom of your liking!


Practically almost any material can be used for walls and flooring provided they are waterproof, are able to withstand dampness and temperature changes. The flooring, especially, needs to be slip-resistant, durable and safe. Some materials that can be used are marble and ceramic, or porcelain tiles. You can use similar items for your walls or even choose to go for a marble finish. Whatever material you choose to go for, remember the main criteria for walls and flooring is not just restricted to aesthetics only but also safety and functionality factors.


At the designing stage, it is easy to sideline lighting and focus on the more practical aspects of the renovation. However, a bathroom can be rendered dangerous or impractical without adequate lighting. What’s more exciting is that you can play around with the placements of your lighting to not only create atmosphere but also for practical daily use purposes. You can either incorporate natural lighting or go for an artificial design lighting for an ambient lighting setup.


On a routine basis your bathroom undergoes temperature, humidity changes and endures water exposure causing wear and tear to your plumbing fixtures. Thus, a renovation task is practically incomplete without upgrading your plumbing fixtures and accessories. Remember to go for durable, high quality materials that can withstand the use of cleaning products while retaining its ‘new look’. Focus on the shower heads, faucets, sinks, bathtubs and shower doors. Small accessories like soap dishes, towel racks, bath mats and mirrors can add to the overall final look and be of utility.


Incorporating storage spaces – especially in washrooms – is always a tricky task. You need to ensure they can accommodate enough things, should be well within reach and fit into the larger aesthetic of the washroom’s design. By making smart use of your decor, try adding storage, hanging and shelf units to make it look well-organised and stylish. 

Remember, a bathroom upgrade is a major task given the complexity of operations and the investment that goes behind it. It is always advisable to work with professionals who will provide you with the expertise and deliver a fully functional and flawless washroom as an end product that will add tremendous value to your property.

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