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Interior Fitout

Interior Fit out is the process of planning and executing interior design in a commercial or residential space. 
It is the process of remodeling and decorating a home to make it more livable for its inhabitants. It can be as simple as patching holes in the walls, or as complex as installing completely new air conditioning system. 
A professional interior designer is a reliable source of information when you need help with your renovation project, we at “The Home Team” have a team of Interior designers and engineers who can walk you through your renovation journey by offering their expertise so that you don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to materials, fixtures, and layout ideas. 
If you’re planning to completely the look and feel of your home, consider having a conversation with our specialist.
Home Team services will inter alia include
✓ Bespoke Design
✓ Removal and Disposal of existing kitchen
✓ Custom Cabinetry
✓ Countertops
✓ Flooring
✓ Fixtures
✓ All related Plumbing and Electrical works

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