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How Does Home Renovation Improve Your Property Value?

Did you know that a well-done home renovation can significantly boost your home’s overall value; making it a prized asset to you?

Usually one of the biggest investments in a person’s lifetime, every home, in due course requires timely upkeep and proper upgradation to keep it in pristine condition and add to its saleability. A timely renovation and modernisation initiative maintains the value of the property while simultaneously eliminating any flaw and furnishing the home with modern amenities. What is even more interesting is that undertaking a thorough renovation project requires a one-time investment with a promise of high returns in the long run – a work of high calibre gives you the comfort of living in a modern, polished property with increased value. Whether the property is used by yourself or rented out, renovating an outdated home enhances and improves the home while also ensuring that it keeps up with the contemporary trends and needs of the modern family.

The renovations listed below offer the greatest impact on a home’s value and are the projects that you should potentially undertake to raise the resale value of your home.


The kitchen is at the core of the home so practicality is a top priority. Whether it is everyday cooking, hosting dinners, preparing meals with the family or providing entertainment, an updated, remodelled kitchen designed to meet your needs is just the right fit. Studies show that revamped kitchens – especially modular kitchen designs – have become the norm and tend to give above-average returns. Renovations such as upgrading to new appliances, redoing cabinets and investing in surfaces that are easy to clean can result in remarkable changes and add to the value of your home.


Renovating  your bathroom can become a major selling point for your property. Redone bathrooms, like kitchens, also tend to give above-average returns.What’s interesting is that your dream bathroom does not need a full makeover to create the impression you want. Today, homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing styles and patterns for their bathroom renovation projects. Contemporary bathroom aesthetics are focused on simplicity – think sleek lines, sculpted shapes and neutral shades with minimalist undertones. When renovating your washroom, start by focusing on the sanitaryware. Glam statement pieces  such as a magnificent bath, faucet, shower fixtures and eye-catching details can lend your washroom a fashionable appearance while adding to its functionality. Similarly, a marble or quartz vanity countertop is an innovative way to incorporate modern designs to your washroom with the advantage of getting extra storage space. Paying attention to the details, focusing on a well-illuminated washroom, playing with designs and upgrading to marble or natural stone tiles can add a touch of elegance to your washroom.  It has never been easier to transform the overall look of your bathroom with the right balance of trending designs and functional pieces!


A cosy outdoor space not only calls for some of the best shared family moments but also makes your home a relaxing spot for get-togethers and entertaining friends and loved ones in an outdoor setting. There are numerous ways in which you can update your backyard, porch or patio – a built-in grill and comfortable seating arrangement will make for the best barbecue night with family and friends.


When undertaking a major home renovation project, you must always keep universal design ideas in mind to make your home more accessible. This typically implies creating spaces that are easily accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your home and give it a new look is to play with the interiors. A new flooring – wooden or marble for common areas and anti-skid ones for the bathroom and kitchen – can give your home a more contemporary and chic look.

Similarly, updating your home’s electricals, particularly the heating, ventilation and air conditioning will ensure that the most critical components are operating well and receive regular maintenance.

Lighting changes, albeit one of the simplest renovation measures, adds major value to your home. A well-placed light can make all the difference in making your home look and feel more inviting and user-friendly. The right light fixtures, well thought out wall finishing, and facades for doors and windows increase the ‘wow factor’ for your home, making it more inviting and personalised.

To conclude, although they seem to be a massive cost upfront, home renovations almost always generate the highest returns on investment if well-planned out and executed. What’s more, it is also one of the easiest ways to add value to your property, keep up with contemporary trends and ensure that you and your family live comfortably at home!

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