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Home Team completes landscaping work in Meadows 9

Landscaping is more than planting trees in entitled spaces or just inducting a water feature as a dramatic eye candy. So when Mr. Osan Shah approached us with his idea to transform his Villa’s landscape in The Meadows 9 community of Dubai, we knew it would be one of our most ambitious one. Mrs. Shah being a gardening enthusiast laid out quite a challenging program which formed the basis of the projects. The Villa was seamlessly laid out with individual elements such as a water feature, various flower beds along the site boundary walls which were supposed to be planted with carefully chosen bushes and plants. A number of gathering spaces such as outdoor barbecue, pergola seating, etc. also created a mood for convention. The landscape sat around the Villa being neutral in materials with shades of beige and would stand out at various pieces such as the wood textured pergolas. This created an overall feel of a outdoor/countryside expanse. The materials being neutral in hue and shade would allow the plants to glimmer and would only underline their natural essence. At the end of it, the dream of another motivated client was brought forth into reality with The Home Team at the drive’s seat.

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