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Tired of the same old look in your washroom? Thinking of giving it a comprehensive overhaul and a fresh, new look? Investing in bathroom upgrades has always been a top priority for homeowners given its functional necessities. After all, it is the space where we start and end each day and spend a healthy amount of time doing self-care rituals. Lately, there has been a shift in trend wherein homeowners do not simply look at meeting the utility requirements of the bathroom but also have a desire to make it aesthetically appealing. This has led more and more homeowners to spend considerable time designing every minute detail in their bathroom. The transitional style of bathroom has become increasingly popular now – a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional elements. Whether your requirement is a completely modern, or transitional, or a more traditional look for your bathroom, fret not, we have got you covered with these bathroom renovation ideas!


Your statement vanity can become the focal point in your washroom, giving it the much needed makeover you desire. So, finding a vanity you love can offer the perfect starting point for a bathroom makeover. From there the other aspects like tiling, lighting and paint can fall into place. Over and above being the central style statement in your washroom, statement vanities are a sound investment choice from a functional and utility point of view. They are the perfect options for organising essentials with plenty of cabinet and drawer space. Depending on the spatial availability and overarching theme in your washroom, you can play around with the design of your vanity. You can choose to go for either a vintage or classic look complete with a rustic wooden finish. However, if you do not want to stick to something strictly traditional and want a more modern and contemporary style, go for vanities with sleek finishes, a pop of colour and industrial touches to elevate the style quotient. The ‘floating vanity’ has become an immensely popular choice in this category as it comes with an added advantage of having extra floor space (giving your washroom a more roomy look).


Tiles serve multiple purposes in the washroom. An easy way to elevate the remodel look is by changing the tiles in your washroom – and taking them beyond just the floor. Play around with patterns and hues of tiles depending on the size and aesthetic of the washroom. If your washroom is small in size, go for simple patterns and textures so that it does not look cramped. However, if space is not an issue in the washroom and your walls have a light colour, you can opt for more prominent and striking options – think bold colours or glass mosaic tiles. You can also highlight certain areas in your washroom to make it stand out like the vanity or shower areas.


High-tech commodes are becoming increasingly popular with bathroom renovations. These sleek looking commodes certainly do add to the style statement in your washroom. They also come equipped with several features like seat warmers; a remote activated seat and lid for a more hygienic, hands free experience; self-cleaning features to keep it sparkling clean, both superficially and in terms of germs; air deodoriser and high customisable features. The customisable bidet spray options with different spray positions and intensities make for a thorough and softer clean. Moreover, owners can choose from a range of flushing options, water temperature and individually programme user profile to preserve their preferred settings for a more personalised experience. Some even come with built-in Bluetooth enabled speakers that allow users to pair the toilet with their smartphone to play their preferred form of audio entertainment.


Ever wondered how to get a spa-worthy experience every time you get into your shower? The bathroom renovation is the time to make your shower/bath experience a luxurious one by upgrading the space. By pairing aesthetics and design factors with functional upgrades, you can truly get a spa-worthy experience at home everytime you go for a shower. For design choose from a range of monochrome tiles of black and white, go for a wood panelling or go all out with contrasting patterned or coloured mosaic tiles. Pair your design with statement shower designs like multiple or rainfall shower heads, steam features and body sprays to give your bathroom a more classy and elegant look. A shower bench will be a perfect addition to this design, allowing for a great spa-like relaxation. For the bench, preferably choose a design that matches the rest of the shower. If you want to experience a luxurious shower and a bath, choose a low impact glass for a wall to separate the two sections. In this case, choose a lavish statement bath that stands out as the centrepiece in your washroom and provides the added comfort of washing away the day’s stress in a deep soaking, comfortable bath. Work with glass if your washroom has a spectacular view – whether in the form of a glass shower door, a wall to separate the bath and shower areas, a walk-in shower space or choosing a cylindrical shower stall – glass will provide the perfect roomy bathroom aesthetic without interrupting the main attraction.

Similarly, other small upgrades around the main design ideas can serve to add to the overall aesthetic of the space. Try incorporating windows and skylights to your bathroom design to brighten the room; add heated towel bars; introduce some form of greenery and find space for a cosy corner. Greenery serves a dual purpose – firstly, it undoubtedly adds to the aesthetics and secondly, it has more practical values which include but are not limited to purifying the air and antibacterial attributes. Your cosy corner can be a space for you to relax. Style it up with a chair or an ottoman, throw in a contrasting rug or place a cushioned bench with plenty of pillows. These eye-catching elements of vibrant or monochromatic colour choices, simplicity and statement pieces will help tie the entire look together.

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