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Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovation in Dubai You Need to Know


Are you renovating your bathroom correctly? Is it exactly as you planned it?

Bathroom renovation can take a lot of hard work. Although your renovators are going to do that for you, how do you ensure that they are going to do the right thing.

Home Team Designers have a creative eye and attention for details. They keep a watch on evolving trends in the Industry. They have excellent sketching abilities and have high level of proficiency in 2D and 3D drawing.

The above coupled with excellent communication abilities will help you to understand the vital dos and don’t’s of a bathroom remodelling project.

You can find a summary  below:

Bathroom Renovation – Dos

Just keep in mind that this section will mean how informed you are in your opinion of bathroom designs. It would help you understand your project even better.

1. Knowing Your Functional Goals

If you don’t have an idea whether or not your bathroom remodelling idea is functional, then you are still missing out on the project’s core value. You must understand what value you can add to your bathroom that turns it more effective than before.E.g. Lighting in the bathroom, usage of the space to store toiletries.

2. Researching on Modern Trends

Whether it’s that floating bathroom vanity or that telephone shower, your duty is to find out if the amenities you want to install are trending. Added to that, also check if they are functionally convenient. Our recently completed projects can give you a quick look at some latest designs picked by our customers.

3. Creating a Budget

You can choose your materials and renovation designs, but if you waste money in the process or spend more than what you had in mind, then it is not an effective solution for your pockets, is it?

Our experts at The Home Team can help you work on realistic budgets according to the designs that you may have in your mind.

4. Choose or finalise designs

You must always work with the interior designer from the contractor you hire to finalise the designs, layouts or materials even before you start the project. This will help the contractor to plan the project better and finish the work on time ensuring good quality finish.

Bathroom Renovation – Don’ts

Don’t rush. Keep in mind that  going at a steady speed is always better than doing the wrong thing. Learn things you want to avoid for the bathroom remodelling.

1. Don’t Rush

Take time and understand your bathroom’s functional nature. It is recommended that you check out the renovation aspects; its possibilities as well as the flaws of your bathroom too. You can fix them at the time you renovate.

Don’t Ignore Maintenance:

Always select finishes that are easy to maintain to be clean and new. This will save you and your own time in maintaining the bathroom. e.g. A quartz counter is quite easy to maintain in comparison to a marble. Some stylish faucets may look amazing however are difficult to maintain hence choose wisely.

2. Don’t Ignore the quality of Materials

Use our expertise for busying material ,else  you  may end up buying the ones that won’t be a fit as per the layout or designs you may have in mind, and this may result in you buying same material twice.or won’t give you a good return on investment. Some buyers cannot resist the temptation of low pricedproducts too. Our experts at The Home team can advise the quality and type of materials to be used based on your design idea. Quality of material always play a crucial role as they decide how soon you may have to rework on the bathroom. 

3. Don’t ignore vanity

Bathroom vanities is a feature which catches the eye the most. Double sink, single sink with well light mirrors and some good storage space under are in trend. Basin on top is also trending now which gives you more space below. Vanities are easy to change, and you can play with the combination of colours and mostly it’s easy to change. Best part about vanity is that you can get it readymade.

To Conclude 

Are you thinking about these points and expecting professional guidance? That’s natural. We, The Home Team, can help you with your queries.

The Home team is  the best professional bathroom renovation companies in Dubai and has a decade of experience in working with renovation and repair.

You can also get tailored solutions with us and that too quite exceptionally.

Feel free to write to us or speak with us to learn more.

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