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Pergola Installation

The pergola is a beautiful addition to any home. The pergola is a structure built from posts, beams and rafters that support the weight of an open, slotted structure to allow the flow of air and sunlight through the gaps. It’s a visually appealing structure that can be used to create shade and support decorative vines or draping plants. One thing we majorly miss out during summer in Dubai is outdoor seating. Over the past few years, our garden has become a real gathering point for friends and family during winters. You can use the Pergola as a relaxing oasis in your backyard or add some greenery to make a place where you can spend time to relax and unwind.
The Home team specializes in:
✓ Pergola 3D designing
✓ Fabrication Aluminum or Wooden
✓ Installation
✓ Polishing of existing Pergola

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